Ultralight 3 under- Rattler/VT
Ultralight 3 under- Rattler/VT

Ultralight 3 under- Rattler/VT

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Ultralight Kydex tab with a VEG TAN face and suede backing! 

Same construction as the original but with a more narrow tab plate, running only 1" wide. 

The tab plate is manufactured out of, the extremely durable, Kydex material. This material is mainly used for gun holsters and knife sheaths. An absolutely light and rugged material to be utilized for a shooting tab. 

  • Easily swap or layer leather to fit your personal preference 
  • Foam spacer on back of tab plate to offer less hardware and easier replacement of face
  • Foam on back offers a comfortable purchase on your hand 
  • Comfortable suede backing 

Replacement faces sold separately  

Sizing Directions:

Simply measure the width of your index, middle, and ring finger together as if you were hooking the string. This correlates to the LENGTH of the tab plate. The tab face (leather) was designed to be trimmed to the perfect fit which is why the tab PLATE and not the face determines tab sizing. 

XXL: 3"

XL:    2 & 13/16"

LRG:   2 & 5/8"

MED:   2 & 7/16" 

SM:   2 & 1/4"

XSM: 2 & 1/16