About Us

The Owner of Silent Flight Archery

As a young boy I developed a passion from my father for shooting a traditional bow.  My father and I have spent endless hours together over the past 20 years hunting and fine tuning our skill.  

The good Lord blessed me with a creative mind and inventive spirit.  The birth of Silent Flight Archery came from my love of archery.  I have a desire to bring new innovative high quality products to Archers of all ages and walks of life who enjoy the sport as much as I do.  

I have used a variety of bow string silencers and have never been completely satisfied with what is on the market.  I have invented a bow string silencer jig, that I call the Owl Bone.

The Owl Bone can be used by any Archer to create his or her own bow string silencer in less than a minute.  It is the first of many new products to be brought to market by Silent Flight Archery.  I am committed to offer products that are made, designed and assembled 100% in the United States of America.   

The Name

The arc of an arrow is captivating, it flies straight and true with little sound at a rapid rate of speed.  Although awe inspiring, the flight of a perfectly shot arrow by a skilled archer is deadly.  There is a distinct resemblance between an arrow flying through the air towards its intended target and a Great Horned Owl soaring through the sky towards its prey.   

The Owl and the arrow take flight with almost no sound, both striking with immense power and precision.  Just as the Owl has SILENT FLIGHT, so too does my arrow.