Wool String Silencers
Silent Flight Archery Silencer Colors
Wool String Silencers

Wool String Silencers

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Silent Flight Archery Bow String Silencers: String silencers manufactured from wool raised in the United States are light, durable, naturally water repellent, available in colors not on the market currently and sold in pairs. 

Three Sizes To Choose From: 

  • 1.50 Inch
  • 1.75 Inch
  • 2.00 Inch


  • High quality wool
  • Significant noise reduction 
  • Special miniature band system secures the silencer in the center of your string, no more tying
  • Naturally water resistant
  • Broad spectrum of color choices not found elsewhere in the Archery industry
  • Easy installation
  • Proudly made in the USA

NOTE: Colors can vary slightly due to the hand dyeing process