Micro Kydex 3 under tab - Kryptek
Micro Kydex 3 under tab - Kryptek

Micro Kydex 3 under tab - Kryptek

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Our smallest and most simple Kydex tab model! 

The tab plate is manufactured out of, the extremely durable, Kydex material. This material is mainly used for gun holsters and knife sheaths. An absolutely light and rugged material to be utilized for a shooting tab. 

  • Easily Replace the face by removing a single small screw
  • Easy to make your own replacement faces 
  • Your choice of Veg tan, cordovan, or kangaroo for the face 

Cordovan: The gold standard for tabs. Great Durability, quick break in, good feel of the string.

Kangaroo: Quickly becoming a popular leather for tabs. Very light, very durable, very good feel on the string. Calf hair shooters will enjoy this leather! 

Veg Tan: Very robust and affordable leather. Longer break in time than cordovan or kangaroo but feels very nice when broken in. 

 *Camo pattern will vary 

Sizing Directions:

Simply measure the width of your index, middle, and ring finger together as if you were hooking the string. This correlates to the LENGTH of the tab plate. The tab face (leather) was designed to be trimmed to the perfect fit which is why the tab PLATE and not the face determines tab sizing. 

XXL: 3"

XL:    2 & 13/16"

LRG:   2 & 5/8"

MED:   2 & 7/16" 

SM:   2 & 1/4"

XSM: 2 & 1/16