"The Classic" 3 under Cordovan Tab
"The Classic" 3 under Cordovan Tab
"The Classic" 3 under Cordovan Tab

"The Classic" 3 under Cordovan Tab

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NEW FOR 2020! This if the first tab (that we know of) to offer a replaceable tab face. If you know how to tie your shoes then you can replace the face on this tab with one of our "Classic Replacement kits". Now you don't have to get rid of your favorite tab plate just because the suede backing or the face is worn out. Replace it! And keep that tab going strong. 

Hand sewn cordovan tab made in the USA! Tab face is cut to provide maximum finger coverage. Cordovan has been the gold standard for shooting tabs for years! Expect to see superb durability and a slick release with this leather! 

  • Treated with minks leather oil to increase water resistance 
  • Paracord and cord lock offers a secure and comfortable fit 
  • Equally space stitching for string walkers 

Email us for any custom combinations that we don't have on our site. There is no up-charge for custom orders. 

Sizing Directions:

Simply measure the width of your index, middle, and ring finger together as if you were hooking the string. This correlates to the LENGTH of the tab plate. The tab face (leather) was designed to be trimmed to the perfect fit which is why the tab PLATE and not the face determines tab sizing. 

XXL: 3"

XL:    2 & 13/16"

LRG:   2 & 5/8"

MED:   2 & 7/16" 

SM:   2 & 1/4"

XSM: 2 & 1/16

There is a small difference between each size. If you are in-between two sizes we recommend the larger of the two.