Bow String Silencers

Premium Quality Bow String Silencers

Just as a predator in the wild silently stalks out its prey before going in for the kill, the bow of the archer—whether shooting for sport or survival—needs to be completely silent for the best hunt. The slightest sound­—even that of the vibration of the string—could make all the difference between a kill or a miss!

Enter our superior quality bow string silencers.

Made from the highest quality wool and available in a myriad of sizes and colors, our silencers are lightweight, naturally water resistant, durable and specially designed to minimize vibration, which directly reduces the sound produced by the string. In addition, buying and installing a bow string silencer can help disperse some of the energy that’s left in the bow after the arrow has been shot.

Shop for a wide collection of bow string and shooting accessories online, from wool silencers to finger slings and Cordovan shooting tabs and take your archery skills to the next level, just with Silent Flight Archery!