OOPS! Facebook Goofs Again on Bow Silencers

Bow String Silencers

Some Facebook legal eagles think a bowstring silencer is dangerous and harmful - they are mixing it up with gun silencers.  Anyway Facebook scolded us and said they would not post anymore from this great website.  How crazy is that???  

Many archers just love their silencers and here is a picture of them to show you how innocent these little fuzzys are - they help silence the noise of your bowstring and in no way harmful to others.

But, as time goes on we find out that many Social Venues have hired some people to monitor their websites and that is truly a shame because many of these people don't have a clue what a bowstring silencer really is; they just assume because the name silencer scares them I guess do to gun silencers. 

When you get time, check out "Silent Flight Archery Arizona."

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