Archery is Here to Stay

Silent Flight - Clint Imlay

5,000 years ago is almost more than we can wrap our minds around, but that is when the Egyptians started using bows and arrows. The evolution of archery remains very exciting and captivating because the sport still uses bows & arrows without motors,fancy lights, horns, fuel etc…

Unlike Henry Fords vehicles which evolved into many different bi-products such as enormous trucks, small economy cars, sports cars & family vehicles, the bow & arrow remains the choice of millions of Americans without all of the bells and whistles.

5,000 years later we still have bows with string & arrows that are propelled by the bow. Fairly simplistic but “archery is considered to be a “Sportsman’s Sport.” Archery captivates, intrigues and challenges people of all ages and walks of life.

In China during the Shang Dynasty – 1766-1027BC, their war chariots was comprised of a 3 man team, a driver, a lancer and an archer. The Chinese loved archery tournament and the top “Archers” were so to speak the real men about town.

Japan’s archery was referred to as “kyujustsu” which means the art of the bow and shortened to “Kyudo.” the way of the bow. Archery in Japan was actually a sport created for spiritual, physical & moral growth or development. Kyudo, a very precise movement that is ritual in nature.

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