Bow Silencers

Silent Flight Archery Arizona has 3 custom forks (small, medium & large) for making your own bow silencers or you can purchase 1 fork only which includes enough high quality wool yarn for 2 bow silencers. 

Here is a "how to" video for making your bow silencers. It is very user friendly and within about 5 minutes you will have your first custom bow silencer.

Our wool yarn is sourced through ranchers and suppliers in the United States only.  To maintain the beauty of the natural fiber, the wool manufacturer uses environmentally friendly cleaners and vegetable based spinning oil which help the wool retain it's natural lanolin making it water repellent.  Offering a broad spectrum of colors, Silent Flight Archery bow string silencers reduce shooting noise while adding a functional and colorful accent to your traditional bow. 

Recommended for use with the Silent Flight Archery Silencer Fork.

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